Machine was made in thinking of kids which cannot try our standard boxer models for adults. In this model childrens don't have any trouble with reaching punchball and the score is going to high numbers much easier.

Also it have system which protect kids hiscore from beating it by adults. If adult will try to hit he will automatically receive strange score.

What is main difference between Boxer Kids and Boxer Kids Gift is that in this machine kids could receive small, medium or big gift if they manage to score 555, 666 or 777.

Version available:

- GIFT: - Machine working like Boxer Gift but with all specifications like in Boxer Kids


Available in colors: Black, Red , Yellow, Blue, White

Graphic:  Available in similar graphic like on picture but for additional fee we could make your own graphic.

List of most important functions:

Information about your strength level in various language options
Available in many langauge version - customers choose while ordering.
Measure of strength, speed and reflex
Reliable electronics
Electronical system of autodiagnostic
Setting of strength level
Setting of record score
Possibility of putting credits manually
Electronical and mechanical counter
Complex guarantee and post-guarantee service
European CE certificate



70 X 110 X 182 cm  weight: 130 kg

(Dimensions of machines in package)

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